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Folding T-Shirts is a hassle, boring monotonous, tedious, horrendous task. It is just a tedious task that no one wants to do, not to mention it takes valuable time out of your day. Time is money!

Then we saw this Why hasn't anyone invented a self folding shirt yet or a machine to fold our shirts for us? on Quora. WE DID IT!

We here at TVStoreOnline saw this as a major problem, it's just a disgrace, huge problem, just wrong. Tremendously out of control. Believe me. You'll never get bored with winning. You'll never get bored folding T-Shirts again.



Our vision was to find a solution that would solve this out of control problem total disaster. Our engineers basically started by breaking down the problem by understanding the problem. We could see the real depression in the faces of people as they folded T-Shirts.

After months and months of losing our engineers finally broke the huge problem, Believe me, it was a tremendous success.

  • Self Folding
  • Self Cleaning Worker Bee
  • Shirt Folds with 2mins
  • USB Charging Port for Mobile Device Charging
  • Built-In Flash Light
  • "Monkey" Can be Transferred to other Shirts or Friends

How it Works?

We started by developing a complete chip called MAR or "Memory Accessed Randomly" which is sewn into the collar, a massive 550watt self-expanding power supply with backup module was installed in the lower half of the shirt which provides the power source. 300ft of wiring is sewn, and weave connected throughout the shirt which sends signals to "Monkey" the main unit that does the mechanically engineered action of folding the shirt perfectly every time.

We call it TV Store Smart Fiber Technology. Exclusive Buy it Today! Limited Quantity Available.

We just want to Make Folding T-Shirts Great Again.

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