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Did you know that when Chris Farley died in 1997 he had been recording the voice of Shrek for the movie Shrek--the movie that eventually Mike Myers starred in? In fact, Farley had almost finished his work on the film, recording approx 90% of his dialogue for the now iconic animated character. It makes you wonder about how it all would've turned out, doesn't it?

Chris Farley was a comedy genius and with the release of the new documentary I Am Chris Farley in early August 2015, we here at thought that we'd list our favorite Chris Farley movies. Yes, we know that Farley didn't make many movies, but everyone is partial to one of his films over the next.

Billy Madison (1995)

Obviously a movie designed for Chris Farley's fellow SNL alumni-brother Adam Sandler, yet Farley, only on screen for a couple scenes completely steals the show as "Bus Driver." The role is uncredited to the film but that doesn't stop Farley from taking the scenes he has with Adam Sandler away from him.

Almost Heroes (1998)

Made before Chris Farley's death but not released until five months later, Almost Heroes was a film directed by Christopher Guest. A comedy genius in his own right, Guest has directed such contemporary comedy classics a Waiting For Guffman, A Mighty Wind, and Best in Show. Almost Heroes stars Farley alongside Friends' actor Matthew Perry.

Black Sheep (1996)

Pressured to reproduce the success of Tommy Boy, Black Sheep was released in 1996. It was directed by Penelope Spheeris. In Black Sheep Farley plays "Mike Donnelly," the brother of a Governor who sets out to help in his re-election campaign. Hi-jinks ensue and Farley causes trouble to his brother's campaign and he is set up to work with "Steve Dodd," who is played by David Spade in the film.

Beverly Hills Ninja (1997)

Released in 1997, Beverly Hills Ninja was the last film released prior to Chris Farley's death. Farley plays a inept martial artist, an orphan, who is raised to adulthood by a clan of ninja warriors. As an adult and inept ninja himself, he is thrown into a murder mystery, which he must solve himself.

Tommy Boy (1985)

Released in 1995, Tommy Boy is the film that made Chris Farley a superstar and sealed his faint as one of the great comic artists of the 20th century. Originally, the film was slated to be called "Rocky Road". Farley and Spade set out on the road to sell car parts in order to save his father's factory from being overtaken by his sneaky step-mother and her boyfriend. 

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