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Comedian-actor continues to bring laughs to viewers in his films while remembering his humble beginnings.

Will Ferrell first became known to the entertainment industry when he was casted to be on a comedy show 'Saturday Night Live'. He was a member of the show from 1995 until 2002. In the late 90’s, Ferrell and several other up and coming actors – Jack Black, Vince Vaughn, brothers Luke and Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, and Steve Carell all became known as the 'Frat Pac'k. The name Frat Pack was picked up by media outlets after USA Today used the term in a June 2004 story. Born in Irvine, California, Ferrell never wanted to get into show business, especially after seeing his dad, who was a musician, never have a steady paycheck. After graduating from the USC with a bachelor’s degree in Sports Information, Ferrell knew that his passion wasn't broadcasting. His mother pushed him to pursue doing something that he likes, comedy.

In high school, Ferrell would perform comedy skits over the school’s intercom system, as well as perform them at the school’s talent show. So, Ferrell auditioned for The Groundlings, a comedy group that helped you develop your skills and talents. Ferrell learned how to work on his improvisation skills and soon became to realize just how much he liked to impersonate people. Ferrell soon started getting small roles – Grace Under Fire (tv series), Living Single (tv series) as well as doing commercials and landed a movie role in A Bucket of Blood. Things were starting to look up for Ferrell even the more and by the year 1994, Ferrell had gotten a spot on The Groundlings. Then an even bigger opportunity rose to Ferrell when he auditioned for SNL’s where he was able to land a spot on the show and was there from 1995 – 2002. During his seven years Ferrell did very good impersonations of US President George W. Bush, Cuban President Fidel Castro as well as Jeopardy game show host Alex Trebek and many more. Ferrell did many skits for SNL – Family Portrait and Pace: The Infinite Frontier.

Ferrell started getting bigger roles and starring in other major films such as Zoolander, Dick, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and The Ladies Man. Ferrell was able to create memorable moments throughout all ends of the spectrum from dead pan to manic. Ferrell is an American symbol that plays his characters well. Sometimes his characters are macho, overbearing and even Ferrell worked hard at his craft by spending time working to his perfect his comedic skills and impressions on people. The Groundlings taught him to be a very good impressionist as well as build on his techniques that helped him build on his skills also. The basic acting skills that he learned helped him in his professional career to be such a successful actor in Hollywood today.

What makes him so perfect as an American symbol is that all the characters that he plays, he does such a good job at his craft. Sometimes his characters can be overbearing and macho and totally not even aware of what’s going on but he’s hilarious and plays his roles great. He nails his character bringing an A game and he’s clever with his characters leaving viewers laughing for minutes from a scene. Ferrell continues to be one of the funniest actors in film today.

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