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Back to his usual jacked-up form after being nominated for his role in Les Miserables, Hugh Jackman is returning as Wolverine in the upcoming Twentieth Century Fox blockbuster “The Wolverine”. The big news right now is that the trailer has been released, after numerous teasers and twitter hints from those involved, including Mr. Hugh Jackman himself. The trailer hints at some fairly exciting plot points to expect in the upcoming movie set to be released on July 26 of this summer.

The plot of “The Wolverine” looks to follow an encounter with an ex-soldier whose life Wolverine saved during World War II. He meets this man in Japan, upon which the ex-soldier decides to give an awesome gift to his savior – that gift is mortality. What’s a better gift than giving someone like Wolverine a normal life? How about a necktie, or nice Japanese knife set?

Nope, he’s going with mortality, and Wolverine doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of that idea once he gets shot with a real bullet, and it really, really hurts. AND he is not healing the way Wolverine normally does, with those handy dandy regenerative powers. I mean, knives come shooting out of his hands for crying out loud, those scabs will likely never go away.

In Japan, the setting should offer some pretty sweet locations and backdrops for the usual epic fights. According to the comic book, Japan is where Wolverine trained and became a master of martial arts. So we can rightfully assume an encounter with a teacher, or some kind of protégé, will take place at some point during the movie.

From the looks of the trailer, we can expect to see colorful neon shots of the classic Japanese metropolis. Looks like we’ll also see some epic wintry battles amongst classic wood-framed homes with sliding doors ripe for kicking and smashing through, and perfect for great choreographed hide and seek fight scenes. It also looks like gunfire ensues from x-men who look like the Yakuza, and those gun shots are what Wolverine has a tough time healing from. Speaking of sights and sounds, we get a glimpse of Famke Janssen who is set to play Wolverine’s love interest, Jean Grey, and is of course the perfect lady for Wolverine.

Directed by James Mangold, check out the trailer, and mark your calendars for July 26th, to see the highly anticipated, “The Wolverine.”

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