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Top 3 Favorite Superheroes Kids Love - TVStoreOnline

Top 3 Favorite Superheroes Kids Love | TV Store Online

Most kids grow up admiring superheroes and what they have to offer. Each of them has their own special power, which immediately tends to draw in the attention of people out on the market. Most people will want to understand more about the unique powers that these characters have as well. This can help them become fan favorites and become ingrained in to the way that these characters tend to be developed over time.


Superman’s perhaps the most iconic comic book character to ever hit the shelves. Possessing incredible strength and speed, along with laser vision, he has set the tone as the main hero against all villains that kids and adults really admire. His one weakness being Kryptonite makes him a sympathetic character which has also helped him get over with his fans.

He has spawned a considerable amount of movies as well, adding to his overall popularity. Superman has undoubtedly drawn in a lot of attention from fans over the years, which has added to his star appeal in the process. Over the decades, his character has evolved and has actually influenced the development of other superheroes.


Spiderman is a much different character than many people are used to seeing. He has some fairly unique special powers, including the ability to shoot webbing. But he also has a special personality that won't be seen among many other superheroes. He’s fairly nerdy, which isn't always a common trait among these superhero characters. He’s also somewhat unsure of himself, which typically creates some common dilemmas to be faced over time.

Spiderman’s been in different comic books, either has a kid or as a grown man. Still, it’s interesting to see his character go thru so much turbulence. Whether it’s being placed as a menace for doing well and keeping the city and its citizen’s safe, keeping his identity a secret, and most importantly, trying to balance his superhero life and his personal life, there are so many unique sides to his character that you just can’t help but adore and relate to.


As one of the prominent X-Men characters, Wolverine has created a large fan base over the years. This is thanks to his gritty personality and some of the specialized powers that he has such as the claws and the ability to heal fast. He typically fights alongside other X-Men characters. In fact, many fans are constantly watching to see how the X-Men tend to collaborate with one another over time as well.

Having his own movies and even an anime TV show really boosted his level of popularity to the point where you can make an argument of him being the number 1 superhero of today’s generation. It also helps when more people start to get his facial look down like CM Punk has done or in the upcoming move 22 Jump Street with one of the characters in a Mexican Drug Cartel looking like him. The super stardom of this character has still yet to reach its peak.

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