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Top 4 Superhero Powers - TVStoreOnline

Top 4 Superhero Powers | TV Store Online

Have you ever given any thought to what superhero power you'd like to have? If someone walked up to you and told you he or she could give you only one superhero power, what would you ask for? It's a good idea to give it some thought, just in case you ever have the chance to claim a superhero power for yourself.


Imagine walking out the front door, jumping skyward, and flying however fast and far you wanted. Traffic jams would be a thing of the past. You could save a ton of money by not flying to your destination on an airplane. You could take in some fantastic vistas of the earth and sea from up in the sky. There could be a possible drawback in the cold weather months if you flew very far north or south of the equator.

Mind Reading

Imagine how great it would be to know exactly what someone else was thinking. This could put you in a distinct advantage in any relationship. Think about playing a high stakes poker game, the only problem you'd have is being able to carry all the money you'd win. I could think of a lot of instances when mind reading would come in handy in romantic relationships as well.

Super Strength

Who doesn't want to be stronger? Imagine not having to worry about fighting anyone or worry about ending up in a bad part of town. I'm assuming super strength comes with the ability to deflect bullets and knife blades too. You also wouldn't have to worry about hiring a bulldozer if you needed to push over something really big.

X-Ray Vision

Think about how nice it’d be to see through stuff the next time you lose something. It’d also come in handy when you were looking for someone who was trying to hide from you for some reason or another. Working on something like a car engine would be a lot easier too. Face it, x-ray vision wouldn't really be all that great at all.