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As much as we all love the latest incarnation of the Sony Playstation or our Xbox, back in the day the Super Nintendo ruled the roost. Back in the early/mid '90s there was an epic throwdown between video game fans as to what was the best system, the SNES or the Sega Genesis. Which were you a fan of? Or were you one of those gamers that had a preference.

We here at leaned toward the SNES and here is a list of our Top 5 favorite Super Nintendo (SNES) games....

Star Fox Super Nintendo


Inspired by a love of the '60s British television series Thunderbirds!, Starfox featured a fox spaceship flying hero named "Fox McCloud," who along with his band of friends/animals must battle the dark forces of Andross and save their home world of Corneria. While many have exclaimed that Starfox was the first 3D video game for Nintendo, in fact, it actually wasn't. That title was bestowed to the game "X" which was released the year before Starfox in 1992. But the distinction that fans of Starfox can revel in is the fact that the game was another first for Nintendo. It was the first home system video game to employ 3D polygon graphics in its user interface. This gave Starfox a very unique feel to it as well as a look that when the game was promoted heavily across various television outlets in the early 90's highlighted. The game became a mega-success for Nintendo thanks to its innovation design as well as through its heavy marketing, in fact, it became one of Nintendo's best sellers of all time.

Super Mario World SNES


Arguably the most difficult Mario game ever released by Nintendo. Also known, in some circles, as Super Mario Bros. 4, Super Mario World saw Mario and Luigi setting out to save Dinosaur Island. The game was more of a challenge than any of the previous Mario games to be released by the video game system. And while most remember the game today because of how it marks the first appearance of Yoshi (and that damn tongue), the game was a massive success for Nintendo eventually resulting in it being re-released as many as four times in the following years after the SNES disappeared off the shelves. Most recently it was released for the slowly fading Nintendo Wii system.

The Legend of Zelda Super Nintendo


Who doesn't love Link, right? Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was the third Zelda release at the time of it's unveiling for the Super Nintendo System in 1991. In the game, Link's goal was to save Hyrule and destroy Ganon. Importantly, A Link to the Past was the first Zelda game to re-imagine the format and gameplay interface that had been so frustrating to fans and game players of the original Zelda on Nintendo a few years prior. In addition, the idea of Link being able to skirt across alternate worlds was first introduced in A Link to the Past. The game was a huge success for NES that it, like Super Mario World, would be released in the wake of the death of the SNES across the game systems that would follow like the Wii, 3DS, and the Game Boy systems.

Super Metroid


Certainly, an old school Nintendo gamer and fan alike has fond memories of staying up late at night trying to beat the original Metroid on the Nintendo System, but when SNES introduced Super Metroid, shit got real. Released in 1994 (we remember it coming out earlier than that!), Super Metroid was supposed to pick up in the wake of Metroid II: Return of Samus. Super Metroid, unlike the Metroid games to come before it, featured a extreme upgrade on all fronts. Fans of Metroid were treated to better weapons and a hodge-podge of secret moves. The game is infamous also, in the circles of die-hard Nintendo nuts, as it was the first Nintendo game for the era to be released on a 24-megabit cartridge. The game wowed Nintendo fans and video game critics when it was released. No doubt, this is what garnered it the success it had.

Chrono Trigger SNES


Perhaps the most underrated SNES Game that Nintendo ever released for the SNES, and without good reason either, except, that perhaps, video games nearing the mid/late 90's were shifting and there was more interest in first-person shooters as well as fighting games than there was in role-playing adventure in the spirit of The Legend of Zelda. Released in the Spring of 1995, Chrono Trigger was your basic role-playing adventure but what the game made up for in it's lack of anything that the critics might have had with it was the innovations it had like the elimination of random run-in's with bad guys and much more detailed to scale maps of the worlds in which you were playing in. There was an element of advanced realism that was brought to the game that no RPG game had ever had before, and this was why, fans of RPG's in the mid/late '90s went crazy for it the incoming-era of shooters like Doom.

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