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There have been a total of 6 astounding actors portraying the role of James Bond throughout the years. Each of these men brings something unique and intriguing to the table when acting as the popularly-known British spy. Upon reviewing countless articles and enduring way too many late hours of watching each classic movie, I’ve come to the conclusion that Daniel Craig was, in fact, the best James Bond of all time.

My reasoning for this conclusion is quite simple: there’s a certain mysterious persona surrounding Craig that’s not presented in all of the other James Bond actors. I believe this is an extremely important characteristic when playing the role of a slick, top-secret spy. Also, even though he’s more "thuggish" than the traditional Bond is personified as, it’s my opinion that this characteristic intensifies the feeling that Bond’s not a person to mess with and you would have to be crazy to cross him. A spy’s supposed to be tough anyway, right?

Another reason why I feel Craig’s the ultimate Bond is because while he has this tough and mysterious exterior throughout most of the movie, viewers do get a glimpse of his vulnerable side, though this glimpse is as short as it sounds. It shows that he’s a true human being and not some mission-driven machine. I personally respect this being expressed about Bond in the film because it’s a side of him that we have rarely, if ever, seen. This allowed fans to connect with the character much better than if he was portrayed as a heartless super-spy.

Let's move on to the awesome award Craig earned for his role as James Bond. He’s the first ever Bond actor to receive an Empire Award and be nominated for BAFTA award as best actor in a leading role. This accomplishment should prove without a doubt that Craig triumphs over all over Bond actors.

In conclusion, it’s extremely easy to see who the overall contender is in the competition for best Bond. Daniel Craig provided an outstanding performance and strived to personally become the character to the best of his ability. Daniel Craig surpassed all expectations of him for this role. He succeeded in the task of living up to high expectations set by previous James Bond actors beautifully and has set the bar immensely high for aspiring James Bond actors for years to come.

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