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Everyone's go-to fashion is the TV shirt-a screen printed T-shirt that boasts colorful graphics of your favorite television programs. What makes a TV shirt hot is the instant brand recognition that also evokes fond memories of days gone by and hours spent laughing, playing and flying through outer space with Star Trek's Captain Kirk and Spock or Superman. Put on a TV shirt and you're immediately transformed into a super hero like Batman, Wonderwoman, a Transformer or a Power Ranger.

The Fashion Mojo is in the Memories

TV shirts take us back to happier times of fun and games and cravings like shakes and fries at Bob's Burgers. For just a moment we can relax and reminiscence about our favorite TV characters. A T-shirt with colorful graphics is like taking a snapshot of a popular sitcom and displaying it as wearable art. It's fashion with a distinctively different twist-to tell a story, enjoy a laugh or promote a cult following. Look for TV shirts online or collect them at vintage stores.

Start a Conversation

A TV shirt opens doors and starts conversations without trying! Watch as frowns turn to smiles and casual looks turn to laughter when total strangers remark about your awesome shirt boasting a Big Bang Theory graphic, screened Star Trek visuals, or a bold black and gold Batman logo. Walk into a room and you're the life of the party and the center attraction. TV shirts are loved and worn by nearly everyone--young and old. Appropriate for every occasion from tailgating and skateboarding to biking, hiking and bowling, your shirt will likely start a conversation wherever you go.

Here are some popular television programs from the 70s and  80s and the TV shirts that bring fond reflections of our most memorable actors and characters:

Beavis and Butthead

You either love or hate  Beavis and Butthead: two cartoon characters with a warped sense of reality. B&B fans may find wearing a TV shirt featuring these two bumbling idiots pretty cool. A drawing of these two rather freaky looking characters is sure to evoke memories of their insane laughter, which happens to sound a little like sucking air while simultaneously burping.

Power Rangers

Wearing a lifelike graphic of the  Power Rangers emblazoned on a TV shirt is an instant reminder that good always overcomes evil. Power Rangers were the least popular high school students whose discovery of an alien ship endowed them with supernatural powers to save the world! Whether your favorite ranger is red, pink, blue, black or yellow: their "good-triumphs-over-evil" message gives hope to the underdog and adds mystique to the mundane.

Rick and Morty

Sometimes, wearing a TV shirt can send a moral message. The  animated series recounting the saga of scientist and alcoholic genius Rick and his 14-year-old grandson Morty always ended with a lesson on life and making the right choices when faced with indecision and adventuresome dilemmas. Kids from eight to eighty-two will delight to see a TV shirt that depicts the daring exploits of this unlikely duo.

Sons of Anarchy

Anyone sporting a TV shirt with  Sons of Anarchy stars Clay and stepson Jax would have to have a streak of machismo. Some motorcycle enthusiasts crave the theme of this dramatic show full of crime, intrigue, sensuality and intermittent violence which took place in a small town called Charming. The plot is anything but charming and centers around the SAMCRO motorcycle club, a rough-and-rowdy establishment that operates shady businesses running guns and repairing bikes. Jax is the club's vice president and a proponent of all that the club is not. His main goal is to initiate positive changes based on memories contained in his deceased father's personal journal, which the young man uses as a moral compass.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Cowabunga, dude! That  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle TV shirt will evoke memories of four amphibious warriors who fend off the evil elements of the Big Apple with some pretty smooth karate moves. Leonardo, Raphael, Michaelangelo and Donatello are a quadruple threat determined to rescue the citizens of New York City from modern day Mafioso "Shredder" and his loyal henchman, Baxter Stockman. A TMNT TV shirt evokes all kinds of imagery from this action-packed cartoon series.

Big Bang Theory

Nerds and nerdettes will get a kick out of a  Big Bang Theory TV shirt with screened images of brainiacs Sheldon, Howard, and Rajesh. This television series celebrated eccentricity and intellect with some not-so-common sense efforts on the part of three friends to have occasional normal romantic relationships with females. Leonard succeeds in forming a meaningful but fleeting romance with Penny, a pretty blond who's studying acting. The fact that you love wearing a Big Bang Theory TV shirt could reveal your true nature as an aspiring nerd.

Star Trek

Trekkies go where no man has gone before and have no reservations about sporting a TV shirt with Star Trek's Captain  James KirkSpock, or Dr. McCoy. Adventures aboard the Enterprise are never far from the thoughts of True Trekkies and a TV shirt is sure to spark lots of interest from fans who still find Captain Kirk irresistible. Your Star Trek T-shirt is the perfect garb to wear as you explore new worlds and seek new life on new frontiers-in space!

The Office

Unlike other 70s series,  The Office is one of those warped but witty sitcoms that kept you in stitches watching a Scranton, PA paper company manager, Michael Scott, run his staff. Comedian Steve Carell pulled off his character with cutting edge humor and brilliant timing; and a TV shirt bearing pictures of The Office staff is no less a brilliant stroke of genius. Wearing your Office TV shirt to work on casual day is sure to bring plenty of smiles, corny Michael Scott jokes and a lot of conversation at the water fountain.


Who can forget the hit 70s show  MASH that ran for nearly a decade? A camouflage TV shirt bearing the same name will have everyone reminiscing about all the awesome characters like Hawkeye, Colonel Potter, Major Frank Burns, Hot Lips Houlihan, Radar, Captain BJ Hunnicutt, and Father Mulcahy. Their steady deluge of rapid-fire practical jokes, booby traps, and rib tickling antics as major players in the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital were often punctuated by all-too-real life and death issues faced by U.S. servicemen caught in the ravages of the Korean War. Not only will your MASH TV shirt reflect the hilarious antics of the unit but also serve as a fitting tribute to real servicemen and women who bravely give their lives to keep America free.


Your black TV shirt with its distinctive black and gold logo takes us back to  Batman and Gotham City. When crime tries to overrun Gotham City with the likes of Carl Grissom and the Joker, billionaire heart throb Bruce Wayne's alter ego comes to the rescue. As Batman, Bruce patrols the streets of Gotham riding his tricked-out Batmobile--exercising supernatural strength to quell organized crime for another day.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Picture five friends in the city of brotherly love running a neighborhood Irish pub and you've got the perfect scenario for a true-to-life series. Like any group of real friends, there's bound to be conflict, sticky and sensitive situations, and difficult decisions that threaten long standing relationships and test core values. The next time you meet with buddies at your neighborhood watering hole, wear your IASIP TV shirt. It's bound to cause a lot of conversation and possibly cement friendships you've long treasured for decades.

Whatever your favorite television program, there's nothing like a  T-shirt emblazoned with easily recognizable graphics to make it memorable. 

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