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What is Captain America About?

Captain America is all about life, liberty, and the pursuit of villain womping happiness. The story of Captain American starts with heart.

Steve Rogers is and always has been a man with heart. This was largely why he was chosen for Operation Rebirth. This project designed by Professor Abraham Erskine to enhance American soldiers to the pinnacle of physical perfection was originally intended to give the benefits of Operation Rebirth to a whole generation of recruits. In other words, Steve Rogers was to be the prototype. But with Prof Erskine getting killed right after Rogers emerged as Captain America, the project was lost, leaving Cap the only beneficiary of the professor’s amazing work.

But it’s alright; he chases down the Nazi operative who murders Professor Erskine and captures him. Captain America always gets his man. And he’s not just a physical force to reckon with. The enemy has to contend with the Cap’s superb leadership skills. As a skilled tactician and natural leader of men, Captain America uses his mind as well as his brawn to get the job done.

The Cap is unique among superheroes in that what he’s all about is clearly seen right on his uniform, as well as his shield. He is about America’s stand against tyranny, and upholding freedom. Captain America is about furthering justice, and fighting against those who would oppress and harm the innocent. Like most heroes, he is a much as an actual hero as he is a symbol. He represents all America aspires to be. He represents any person in the world who desires liberty and freedom from tyranny. So what’s Captain America about? He’s about America; the good ol’ red, white, and blue.

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