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Is Captain America a Superhero? - TVStoreOnline

Who is Captain America? Captain America Revealed!

The answer depends largely on what you believe a superhero is. Does a superhero have a secret identity? Can he fly? Is he able to read minds or fire cosmic rays from his hands? Captain America does none of these things and yet he is one of the greatest superheroes of all time. Here’s why: he puts his life on the line for the cause of good and justice.

A superhero takes on super problems, like stopping a madman who just wants to watch world burn, or keeping a planet-eating being from annihilating all mankind – or in the Cap’s case, stopping Nazi Germany from achieving world domination. A super hero stands up for the common man, and faces fears most normal people cannot overcome.

Captain America is similar to Iron Man and Batman insofar as they are all mostly human. Yes, Iron Man is encased in an technologically advance armor packing enough firepower to wipe out entire battalions, and yes, Batman is armed with the best crime fighting gear money can buy and has the incredibly keen mind of a master detective but it is Captain America who runs head on into battle wearing a cloth uniform holding a shield.

Yes, he has enhanced strength, stamina, physical agility, running speed, reflexes, resilience, and rapid healing but as for superpowers even on the scale of Spiderman or Cyclops, the Cap is more similar to Batman, Iron Man, Daredevil and Hawkeye in that all these heroes rely on their non super skills to carry out their super hero work. So yes, Captain America is undeniably, absolutely a super hero.

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