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The Walking Dead Facts

Whoever thought that a TV show would make apocalyptic scenarios where hordes of zombies have overrun humanity (who, in its potentially final stages of existence, is still fighting amongst itself) so sexy! Having reanimated our obsession with zombies, The Walking Dead has captured the imagination of the mainstream and as a result, there are many questions in regards to the show.

The Walking Dead and other Zombie Facts (Infographic)

Check out our Walking Dead and other Zombie ‘Facts n Stats’ infographic. Ever wonder who’s racked up the most kills? Want to know more about Daryl’s infamous crossbow? Ever felt like consuming copious amounts of raw zombie lore? If so, check out our new infographic!

When does The Walking Dead start?

Are you itching to get your Walker fix and need to know when The Walking Dead starts? Then read on!

What channel is The Walking Dead on?

Are you looking to get into the fray and don’t know what channel The Walking Dead is on? Read our guide!

Where can I watch Season 3 of The Walking Dead?

Season 3 of The Walking Dead was quite the action-packed rollercoaster, so it’s no surprise that people are looking for it. We’ll take you through your options for watching this epic season!

What is The Walking Dead about?

Are you thinking of getting into The Walking Dead but aren’t sure what it’s about? Read our TWD overview!

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