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Who Plays Wolverine in X-Men?

Wolverine in X-Men is played by Hugh Jackman.


The character of Wolverine has his own history. In the comics he was born with the name James Howlett but goes by the name Logan.

Wolverine is a mutant. He has the keen senses of an animal along with physical abilities that are enhanced. He also has a healing factor which lets him recover from nearly any type of wound, toxin or disease very quickly. This healing factor also makes him long-lived because it slows down the aging process dramatically.

Because of this healing factor he was able to survive getting the almost indestructible metal alloy known as adamantium bonded with his skeleton.

Wolverine is a typical example of the anti-authority, tough antiheroes that became popular in America after the Vietnam War. He has a brooding nature and is willing to use deadly force and both of these characteristics became the standard for antiheroes in comic books by the late 1980s.

As a direct result of this, Wolverine became a fan favorite in the X-Men franchise. He has had his own comic since 1988 and is always featured as a main character in anything that has anything to do with the X-Men. Here are some things that you may or may not know about Wolverine:

  • Russell Crowe turned the role down. He was the first choice. Dougray Scott was the second choice and actually filmed for 3 weeks before he had to give the role up because of a conflicting schedule.
  • James Cameron wanted to direct an X-Men movie but opted for Spider-Man instead. His pick for Wolverine was Bob Hoskins.
  • When it came to choosing the animal for the character it was between a wolverine and a badger.
  • The adamantium claws were originally part of Wolverine’s gloves.
  • Wolverine’s catch phrase was coined by Frank Miller…creator of Sin City.
  • Wolverine made his debut in the very last panel of an Incredible Hulk comic.
  • Wolverine was almost dumped by Marvel because he didn’t seem to be exciting enough.
  • Originally, Wolverine was designed to be the son of Sabretooth.
  • Once, Wolverine was a monster with no nose.
  • Wolverine is just 5'3" tall. Since Hugh Jackman is 6'2" trick camera angles have to make him appear to be shorter.
  • Wolverine’s senses are so incredibly keen that he can sense when someone is lying and he can also identify shape shifters.
  • Wolverine has a daughter named X-23 who is a clone and a son named Daken.
  • Wolverine is 130 years old.
  • He speaks 18 languages.
  • He is an expert in nearly all of the martial arts.
  • One time he fought...and lost to...Mr. Spock from Star Trek.

How many of those factoids did you know?

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