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Why Does America Love NCIS and Law and Order? - TVStoreOnline

Why Does America Love NCIS and Law and Order | TV Store Online

America loves crime shows for a variety of reasons. They’re very entertaining to watch and have a good story to them. There are a lot of popular crime shows including NCIS and Law & Order. Both of these shows have a lot of fans that watch these shows diligently every week.

Each week fans look forward to the new episodes to see what’s happening with their favorite character(s). Both of these shows have been around a long time and continue to produce more episodes season after season. Characters come and go, however, the plot remains the same. This is what keeps the viewer’s coming back week-after-week-after-week.

The main reason why these crime shows are so popular today is that they have an interesting story line that goes with each episode. Each episode consists of a plot, in which the detective or investigator has to solve that particular crime before the episode is over. Sometimes they drag it out to 2 or 3 episodes. However, the result’s the same. The victim gets justice and the bad guy goes to jail.

Both NCIS and Law and Order have taken the time to write episodes which people can relate to. This is especially true for Law and Order SVU. Both of these programs televise crime that’s occurring in society today. A lot of viewers can relate to some of the episodes as they have had some involvement in that crime at one point in their life. Law and Order SVU is all about sexual assaults and children. This is one of the most common crimes that’s occurring in our society today. It also sparks a lot of interest as children are an important part of our society today.

These episodes are very well written, and do keep you on the edge of your seat. Unless you have or had experience in this field of law enforcement, you don’t know what’s going to happen next. SVU also takes you through the court process, making it interesting to watch.

Americans love crime shows because they are interesting and not predictable, keeping it entertaining for audiences of all ages and generations.

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