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Hulk Hogan Costumes

Are you an adult or a child who admires wrestling? Are you looking for the best costume to show off your macho side? You should think about buying a Hulk Hogan costume. He was one of the most successful and popular WWE wrestlers in the  1980’s and he’s never going out of style any time soon. The Hulk Hogan costume comes in different variations but they all boil down to red tights, yellow top, sunglasses, bandana and sunglasses. If you want to add a little extra attention, you can always buy muscle shirts to give you some pecs and abs.

Rocky Balboa Costumes

Rocky Balboa is yet another 80’s character who is still popular and relevant today. It is actually a very good Halloween costume for adults and children alike. The first Rocky movie was released in the 80’s and the sequels were released in the 90’s. There’s a renewed interest in the franchise with the recent release of Creed, with Sylvester Stallone (the original Rocky) among the cast. There are various rocky costumes such as the boxing outfit and the robe all which are available on Amazon and eBay as well as the Halloween stores. It’s one of the best costumes you should try out for Halloween this year.

SNL Costumes

SNL(Saturday Night Live) has been a favorite comedy show for many people since the 1975. It comes with many characters and you have many costumes to choose from. Most of the characters on the show don’t overdo it with their outfits. Therefore, you can always throw something together from your closet or buy a few cheap pieces from a store near you. On the other hand, if it’s troublesome finding an outfit from your closet, you can always buy an SNL costume from various stores such as Ace and Gary, Spartan Cheerleaders, Lunch Lady, Hans and Franz and Garth Algar.

Teen Wolf Costumes

The remake of  Teen wolf, an old cult classic has spiked a lot of interest and popularity in the older version. It combines high school drama and supernatural fantasy to bring out unique and outstanding comedy. Those who have watched the original version always remember the dominance of Scott Howard on the basketball court with the 42 Beavers jersey. It might be hard to recreate the werewolf head and hair from your own home but you can always buy the various versions of the costume from online shops.

Try these and many more 80’s costumes for this year’s Halloween and show up in style!

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