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In the world of Rick and Morty, one of the most easily recognizable characters is the affable, powder-blue creature known as Mr. Meeseeks. Mr. Meeseeks is a recurring character throughout the show with his first appearance happening in the fifth episode of the first season, titled, "Meseeks and Destroy."

Who is Mr. Meeseeks?

Mr. Meeseeks is the name given to all of the Meeseek creatures that appear on the television show Rick and Morty. Meeseeks are tall and slender with a humanoid appearance. Some of them have small patches of red hair on top of their heads, but the rest of them are bald. All Meeseeks have black dot eyes and resemble stretchy clay figures. They have giant mouths that stretch across the entire length of their faces, and their voices are very high-pitched, sometimes to the point of shrieking.

The entire race of Meeseeks exists to serve a single purpose. This purpose is usually given to them by the person that presses the button on the Mr. Meeseeks Box, which is where all Meeseeks reside. Pressing the button creates one Mr. Meeseeks to fulfill the singular objective that he was given. Once he completes the task, he vanishes back into the box.

The Trouble With Meeseeks

While all of this might sound ideal, Mr. Meeseeks has a couple of problems. The first is that if a Meeseeks is not given a purpose before it is created, it will take on the purpose of the Meeseeks that came before it. This can lead to the original one frantically creating more Meeseeks that have no purpose to fulfill, and they will all end up wreaking havoc on the world until they're gotten rid of. Getting rid of one of these creatures is also tricky if it doesn't have a purpose because it can't be killed with physical attacks or any conventional methods of murdering something.

The second problem is that existence is painful to Meeseeks, so they will do literally anything to fulfill their intended purpose as quickly as possible. This means that the typical lifespan of a Meeseeks is only a few hours, unless they are given a complex task to complete. When a Meeseeks is forced to stay alive for too long, it begins to quickly lose its mind. In fact, the very first Mr. Meeseeks tells the family that living for two days is like an eternity to a Meeseeks.

Usually, Meeseeks are cheerful and friendly. They are incredibly helpful and willing to do whatever is necessary to assist the person who brought it into existence. However, the longer they exist, the more violent and insane they become. They still work to fulfill their purpose, but they will go to increasingly more violent and outrageous ends to complete the task they were given.

About Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is an animated, science fiction television show that follows the adventures of a sociopathic scientist, Rick Sanchez, and his gullible, impressionable grandson, Morty. Rick lives with Morty's family, which includes Morty's parents Beth and Jerry, and his older sister Summer.

Rick is an eccentric, mad scientist with a serious drinking problem and a huge ego. His grandson Morty is 14 and a generally naive and fretful person. Most of the time, he ends up being the voice of reason when it comes to Rick's harebrained ideas and experiments.

A Rick and Morty costume is a great and fun idea for Halloween parties. Dressing as Rick, Morty or even a Mr. Meeseeks is sure to get a lot of attention and start conversations. A Mr. Meeseeks costume might take a bit more work and planning than if you dressed as Rick or Morty, but the end result would definitely be worth the work.

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