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Just When You Thought it was Safe to Go Back into the Water

There emerged a fierce, wild, feral creature and he was wearing – barely – a  mankini. The mankini is a thing. Honestly.

Borat Begat the Mankini and is One of Its Most Famous Models

Borat began promotion for his first feature movie,  Borat, in the summer of 2006 at the Cannes Film Festival where he was seen in the company of four comely models as he cavorted in a fluorescent green mankini (1). This not only excited attention for Borat, it created a style sensation in men's swimwear. And thus the legend began.

Borat’s influence is so widely synonymous with this highly fashionable item of beachwear that it’s become famous as the Borat swimsuit and its classic color is lime green.

Picture This

If you can imagine a banana and two plums waging a fierce food fight in a tight little Lycra hammock, then you can visualize the  Borat suit. It is not for the modest, the meek, or the shy. With every step on the beach, with every caress of the waves, with every jackknife into the pool, it offers a possible glimpse of the goods. Which some people have no problem with, and everyone else can just avert their eyes, okay? If the Good Lord didn’t want us to rock the mankini She wouldn’t have invented Lycra!

Defining the Genre

The Borat suit is actually officially a version of the sling swimsuit. Both women and men can sport a sling. Sling swimwear has just a brief mention of a bikini bottom.

It’s held up by straps that extend upward to cover the nipples, then the straps slide over the shoulders where they can join up behind the neck or go on back down and meet the bikini’s back portion, which is either a G-string (also known as butt floss) or the minutely more modest version, the thong, which comes in at a slightly more sedate half inch of fabric. If you’re holding this image in your mind, and we have no doubt that you are, consider that the suit is entirely bare at the sides.

A Classic Look

The Borat swimsuit is one of the classic looks that every man of fashion should have in his wardrobe. Like Levis, button-down shirts, the leather jacket, and the tux, every man looks outstanding in the Borat suit.

A Dream Come True

You’ve always wanted to rock the banana boat. Now you can. The Borat swimsuit is not just for film stars flocked by models anymore. Now, you, too, can wear the least bit of material allowed by not only public opinion but by the law, to darn near anyplace that you wish to wear it. Anyplace without an explicit dress code, that is.

Why, Yes, You Can find it Online!

The internet is not just for drunk-tweeting old flames and viewing erotica and checking sports scores. You can also use it to order a Borat suit of your very own. It comes in lime green. The suit that is, not the packaging. But wait, there’s more! To out Borat the very bodacious Borat, you can now order your Borat swimsuit online in the color of your choice. From the stately gray to vivacious red, bodacious blue to royal purple, put the imprint of your personality, besides your very own considerable manly package, into your selection of the suit's color.

The sizing option is usually one-size-fits-most. If you're going to be shy and wear it over clothes, let’s say to bring humor to a party, you can slide your Borat suit over your dress togs. But that’s punking out. Dare to go almost bare! The world both desires and it deserves to see the goods. Your goods, on full frontal and rear-guard display, with only the smallest smidgeon of Lycra between and your birthday suit. You’ll feel so hot, and you’ll be “packing” all the heat to turn heads when you slip into the Borat swimsuit.

1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sling_swimsuit

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