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Movie Apparel & Merchandise for Christmas

Christmas is a time of love and happiness, and you should strive to get your family or siblings a gift during the festive season. There is no doubt that most people are movie enthusiasts and getting your closest relatives apparel and merchandise of their favorite movies will mean a lot to them. This guide will explore some of your favorite films and how each of them can make a significant merchandise or apparel choice for Christmas.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

If you are Christmas movie enthusiast then the 1989  national lampoons Christmas vacation is one of the films that you should binge watch. It’s labeled as one of the best modern classics, and most people prefer to watch it days after Thanksgiving. This has been a tradition for many families given that the movie marks the beginning of the holiday season. There are a lot of national lampoons apparel and merchandise that can make a superb Christmas gift.

If you are a national lampoons Christmas vacation fan, you can easily relate to the  iconic moose mug. It’s one of the items that Cousin Eddie and Clark Grisworld enjoy their eggnog from. With a lot of novelty T-shirts on the market today you can easily find collections that feature fun quotes or traditional style from the movie. There are a lot of collectible items sold online which makes a perfect gift for any Christmas vacation.


The first Deadpool movie release got everyone excited. With Deadpool 2 yet to hit the theaters, it’s expected that it would be just as exciting as the first one. The movie is about a cancer patient who undergoes treatment which promises to turn him into a superhuman, which it does. With the superpowers, he heals faster compared to ordinary human beings.  Deadpool enthusiasts are acquainted with the different merchandise out there, and with the release of Deadpool 2, it’s expected that more will follow suit.

If you are looking for a perfect Christmas gift or outfit, then the  Deadpool T-shirt branded with “Guess who” signature is a perfect choice. The fact that it is an official marvels outfit and sold on online makes it an even greater catch. The “greetings from Deadpool” branded designs also make a superb outfit. This t-shirt shows the main character in different acts which includes skiing, diving and even on the beach. The impressive part is that the Deadpool letters are designed with a warning message, and this makes it one of the most popular attire among superhero fans.

The Deadpool attack-shirt is also among the highly sought for merchandise by most of the movie enthusiast. It features a badass looking Deadpool at the front with two batons on each hand. You will also notice his katanas who’s behind him, letting you know that he is ready to rumble. T-shirts aside, you would want to consider the possibility of rain during the Christmas festivities and one of the best gifts for any Deadpool enthusiast is the marvels  Deadpool katana umbrella. The umbrella features detailing on the plastic handle which is designed to look like the Deadpool katana. It also comes with a nylon sheath cover and an adjustable strap that makes it easy to carry around the shoulder.

Suicide Squad

Suicide squad is among the movie that was widely accepted by most comic fans since it featured villains as a lead role. What separates suicide squad from most of the superhero movies is that it has got a lot of evilness, action, humor and a lot of surprises too. Most of the costumes worn by the characters can be found in different online retail stores, and you can use them to gear up for the next cosplay, comic con or Christmas party.

One of the most notable attires that makes a perfect Christmas gift is the  Harley Quinn gift set. If you love nicely designed outfits inspired by suicide squad you will love the Harley Quinn t-shirt. Featuring blue detailing on the sleeves, a red collar with the front branded “daddy’s little monster” it’s a perfect suicide squad gift set.

Sometimes it can get crazy hot, and if you are looking for the right gift for a suicide squad enthusiast, then the Harley Quinn basketball hat would come in handy. Inspired by the suicide squad and the DC superhero girls, the child Harley Quinn wig is a pranksters’ signature pigtails. The hair is designed for kids, but the good thing is that most of them are washable and they come in a one fit size for most children.


The film is about  rocky balboa a retired boxer who is famous for some of his most significant boxing championships. He currently resides in Philadelphia and has managed to create a good life for himself which includes running a restaurant called Adrian’s. When he sees his virtual fight with Mason, it ignites a new fighting spirit, and he requests a fight from mason’s management team. Mason agrees to the challenge and rocky prepares to get into the ring for the last time.

There is no doubt that action movie enthusiasts are well acquainted with the movie and given its popularity there are different rocky apparel and attires that are a perfect gift for any occasion. For instance,  I must break you Drago shirt is ideal if you want to look bad ass. The shirt comes with an image of Ivan Drago alongside one of his memorable quotes, “I Must Break You.

Purchasing the Drago shirt show that you are in solidarity with Ivan. It’s also important to remember that Ivan (Dolph Lundgren) is the rival of Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) in Rocky IV. Anyone who’s familiar with the movie knows that the best part of the film is the training montage. That said, you can get a rocky t-shirt with one-armed push-up logo.

Rocky’s trainer Mickey Goldmill retired from boxing in 1947 and opened his boxing gym, and over the years he has trained a lot of people who ended up being champions. Therefore, if your closest family member or friend is a Rocky fan, a t-shirt branded with an image of “Mighty” Mick should make a perfect Christmas surprise gift.

The Grinch That Stole Christmas

Following a painful rejection by the Whos when he was a child the  Grinch lived in seclusion for the most part of his life, and this made him hate the Whoville community. This goes for Christmas festivities that are characterized by wasteful materialism, phony sentiments, and Whoville noise. When Cindy Lou extends her invitation to Grinch, the festivities end in public humiliation as Grinch comes up will all sorts of schemes to ruin the holidays.

That being said, the holiday season is a time of giving and family reunion, and a lot of gifts and merchandise can act as pleasant surprises. Most girls are into dolls, and there is no better way of surprising you little cousin during the holiday season than with a large Grinch plush doll. One of the things that make the toy a perfect Christmas gift is that it’s soft and cuddly.

Also, with a weighted, bean-filled bottom it can sit pretty once you are done snuggling. Christmas festivities comes with a lot of food and drinks, and you should try to create more pomp and color by getting the grinchmas ugly Christmas pepper shaker and sweater salt. The Grinch paper and salt shaker is a highlight of the season for Grinch movie enthusiasts.

Action figures are usually adored by kids but when it comes to Christmas festivities there are a lot of characters that can act as an excellent surprise, and the Santa Grinch pop! Vinyl figure is one of them. The character is designed with a mischievous smile and look like he is up to no good. If your Christmas festivities revolve around how the Grinch stole Christmas, then it’s time to get the Santa Grinch pop.

It might seem wired, but some People have a sentimental attachment to their household items. Ceramic cups and plates tend to break more often, but if you lose your precious mug and you are closing in on the Christmas holidays, it might be time you think of getting the Dr. Seuss the Grinch 20 OZ sweater ceramic mug. The remarkable thing about the cup is that it can hold 20 OZ of your hot tea or coffee and it’s also crafted with patterns featuring Max and Grinch.

Like Thing 1 and Thing 2, the Grinch is one of Dr. Seuss' many masterpieces.

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