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If there is one movie that has passed the test of time and is still talked about, it would be Rocky and its infamous character "Rocky Balboa." The retired boxer ends up spending time in Philly and has set up a simple restaurant named "Adrian's" after making good money as a boxer. One day, he ends up seeing a fight with Mason and realizes he still wants to go out and start boxing a bit. He ends up going along with Mason's management team and sees if he can enter the ring again for another go.

For those who love their action movies and are fans, this is one of those films that stands out and the apparel is a big plus point. Going ahead and choosing from the various Rocky apparel or outfits is fun and ideal for any occasion. The Drago t-shirt is a great example of someone looking to bring out a bit of flavor with his/her outfit. It even includes the memorable quote, "I Must Break You" right on the front with Ivan Drago looking back at you.

The Drago shirt is great for those who loved the boxer's role in the movie. It was Ivan who spends time as the main rival against Rocky Balboa in Rocky IV and is renowned for his part in the movie. Those who love the movie are going to associate with this shirt and recognize the great training montage in the movie. The Rocky t-shirt even offers a one-armed push-up logo.

In the movie, Rocky's trainer Mickey Goldmill ends up opening a gym for boxers after retiring in 1947. He likes to train boxers based on what he has learned and turns them into champions. Since he is one of the closest friends for Rocky, it is something fans will love on a t-shirt that says "Mighty" on it for Mick.

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