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Suicide Squad is a movie that has been heralded by comic fans around the world because of the villains. By letting those who are evil to take the lead role and dominate in a movie, it is something different for fans and something that makes them want more of it. There are countless costumes worn by those in the movie in online retail stores making it fun to find one for an upcoming Christmas party.

The Harley Quinn costume is a wonderful example of a great gift that is ideal for Christmas. For anyone that is in love with quality outfits associated with Suicide Squad, it is the Harley Quinn t-shirt that is going to be admired. With the gorgeous red collar, blue sleeves, and a slogan stating "Daddy's Little Monster" on the front, it is one of those options that work well.

What about the days where it gets a tad hot and it's time to break out the hats? The Harley Quinn basketball hat is unique and something Suicide Squad fans are going to love putting on from time to time. The Harley Quinn wig for children is also inspired by DC superhero girls and looks great with its signature pigtails. It is ideal for young children and will take seconds to wash when it is ready to be cleaned.

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