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Okay, okay, we know...Halloween's a long ways off still. But it's not too early to start thinking about costumes anyway! Why not something from one of your favorite TV shows?  And of course, these costumes aren't just for Halloween.  Random costume parties, cosplay and pretty much anything hinting at the use of creative attire is a perfect occasion for donning your favrote TV-based outfit!

More Cowbell

"I have a fevah...and the only prescription is more cowbell!" From the classic Saturday Night Live sketch...comes with too-tight shirt with leather trim and cowbell. Get yourself a wig, some 80s-style shades, a drumstick and you're ready to rock out Blue Oyster Cult-style!

Eastbound and Down

The awesome mullet...the belly...the attitude...the jersey. That's the entire Kenny Powers package. Kenny might be washed-up, but you can be as instantly recognizable as him at Halloween!

Magnum P.I.

It might have been a few decades ago now, but Magnum's tongue-in-cheek private detective is still a TV icon. Loud Hawaiian shirt, a Detroit baseball cap and a manly mustache – easy-peasy!

Breaking Bad

Walter White soon went from mild-mannered high school chem teacher to drug kingpin...and along the way, became the star of one of the most amazing series on modern TV. Choose from the drug-lab yellow Hazmat suit, Walter's Vamonos Pest navy jumpsuit or the Heisenberg porkpie hat, goatee and shades combination. Add in a baggie of blue hard candy and you're set!


"I'm Gumby, dammit!" Art Clokey's little green clay guy comes to life with this Gumby suit, sized for 42-46" chests.

Hulk Hogan

Choose from wigs, mustaches, shades, T-shirts and feather boas to round out the Hulkamania effect! Sorry, can't help you out with the Hulk body (who can?)

Saved by the Bell

When you think back on it, the early 90s weren't a whole lot different from the 80s, but we sure thought they were, didn't we? I mean, Zack had his brick mobile phone and Slater had his amazing may have been another cheesy sitcom, but fans of the Bayside Tigers can show their team spirit with these great Saved by the Bell costumes!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Morph into a Power Ranger while you're lounging around the house watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! Choose from Pink, Yellow, Black, Red, Green and Blue Ranger robes, in 100 percent polyester and a unisex style. Or take it a little farther with the Red Power Ranger hoodie...hood zips up into a mask so you can go all the way with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

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