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You won’t find a better selection of TV costumes and outfits than here at TV Store Online. You’ll find thousands of options boasting popular TV culture and memes. You’ll find the right TV costume whether you prefer old 80’s-style humor like timeless SNL skits, TMNT, Saved by the Bell, Magnum PI, or costumes based on newer TV shows like 30 Rock, Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, and well, let’s face it: SNL is STILL going strong. Perhaps you prefer popular TV personas like Hulk Hogan, Wilfred or Walter White? Need TV costumes for a child? No problem, even our adult costumes come in kids’ sizes, and we have lots of TV costumes based on children’s TV shows.

AC Slater Costume Wig


What are you looking at, Preppy? This one-of-a-kind A.C. Slater costume wig? Oh, well then by all means, feel free to stare! This dark brown/black, curly mullet wig is the only way to complete your "Saved by the Bell" Halloween costume. The pictured hat...

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Red Feather Boa


Professional wrestlers have never been afraid to get flamboyant! This red feather boa is just like the one favored by "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan, one of the most popular WWF Superstars of all time. More Hulkamania items: Hulkamania Merchandise

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