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When is Dr. Seuss Day? - TVStoreOnline

When is Dr. Seuss Day? | TV Store Online

Dr. Seuss Day is also known as Read Across America Day and it is generally celebrated on March 2 which is Dr. Seuss’ birthday. However, during years in which his birthday falls on a weekend it will be celebrated on the Friday before if Saturday is the 2nd or it will be celebrated on the Monday after if Sunday is the 2nd.

From the tallest to the smallest, scholars of every age will be surprised and delighted when they study about the life that the man behind Dr. Seuss lived.

Theodor Geisel is the most beloved children’s book author of all time. His perseverance combined with the success and variety of his work as well as the magical way he had with words and hi boundless imagination make him more than fascinating and a great figure to look up to.

In his lifetime he wrote over 49 books and illustrated them himself too. He also wrote a documentary film for the U.S. Army and won 2 Academy Awards, a Pulitzer and 2 Emmys. His hand prints can be found in Hollywood on the Walk of Fame and his books can be found in schools, libraries, doctor’s offices, hospitals and homes throughout the entire world!

Dr. Seuss Day celebrates not just the man, but the love of reading that he inspires in children even now 23 years after he died.

Dr. Seuss was an inspiration to millions of us when he was alive and will continue to inspire millions more in generations to come.

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