Viking Hat Red and Blue Furry Buffalo with Horns Adult Costume Accessory for Halloween and Cosplay

SKU: 220991-VikingHat-OS

Sale price$24.95


  • Nordic Warrior Vibes: Embrace the untamed spirit of the North with the Furry Blue Buffalo Hat Helmet Costume Accessory.
  • Whimsical Yet Historic: The furry blue buffalo hat adorned with fiery red horns seamlessly combines historical Viking aesthetics with a playful touch of whimsy.
  • True Viking Essence: This accessory captures the very essence of Viking warriors, infusing your costume with an air of authenticity.
  • All-Occasion Versatility: Whether it's Halloween, themed parties, or simply a desire to stand out with a Viking twist, this accessory is the perfect choice.
  • Conquer with Confidence: Channel the daring spirit of the Vikings and conquer any event with this bold and eye-catching accessory.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Loved it

I got ir for my sister and can't wait to give her this great hat.

Leonard McCurley

I did not receive the item yet

JoAnn Sawyer
Exactly as Described

The item was exactly what the description stated, quick shipping.
Note: For future orders, I will check for /ask about head circumference of any hats (this order was for a hat) since I feel it’s a bit snug, but I’m sure it will stretch out with use.

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