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It was Dr. Seuss' The Grinch who melted the hearts of fans around the world as he got rejected by the Whos and had to lead a life that was secluded from everyone else. He was never happy with how people treated him in Whoville. Christmas became nothing more than a time for the Whoville community to spend money on materialistic items, make noise, and show sentiments that were fake in his eyes. After Cindy Lou tells the Grinch he can visit the festivities and become a part of the community, he ends up getting humiliated. He tries to ruin everything for everyone hoping to make everyone feel like him.

For those who know the holiday season is a time of giving and making everyone feel wanted, why not grab one of the items on offer here? Why not grab one of those beautiful Grinch plush dolls for a younger family friend? Who doesn't want a cuddly toy to play around with during the colder months?

The merchandise also includes a bean-filled bottom that can be used as a seat while the Christmas party is in full flow with people walking around. It is a great way to lay out the gorgeous pepper shaker that is something most movie enthusiasts will relate to.

Kids who love their action figures can spend time getting their hands on items such as Santa Grinch. It is an action figure that has the patented smile related with the Grinch.

For those who are looking to find new household items (especially Dr Seuss apparel), why not get a precious mug that has Grinch-related patterns all over it? This is an ideal option for those who love to drink a warm beverage during the holiday season. It offers 20 OZ and is beautiful to look at.

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